Thanks to the encouragement of renowned music educators Darrell Chrisp and Bill Kristjanson, I’m able to bring my story of musical recovery to middle and high school students. 


 ‘Music Healed Me’ is a multi-media presentation that features a short interview/concert video, a slide show of my journey that I narrate live, Q & A and a performance on piano and sax.  My recovery has been led by the amazing support of many wonderful people in the music community and the incredible healing power of music. I truly love sharing my story as I see this is my way of giving back to music what music’s given me. 

“(Connor’s) message goes beyond music… it is also one of courage, strength, determination and… the list goes on. So happy to know that Connor is making our world a better place.”

Darrell Chrisp, Golden Gate Middle School Band Educator

 “Thank you so much for bringing your story to Shaftesbury. It was so, so inspiring and provided much needed messages to our students.” 

Cynthia Weevers, Shaftesbury High School Band Educator


“Connor attended Massey beginning in grade 10, the fall after a traumatic brain injury which had paralyzed his right side. I was able to see his love of music propel him through his recovery. From a young man who struggled walking, and was only able to rest his right hand on the keyboard, Connor fought hard and became an accomplished jazz saxophonist and pianist.

What is most striking about Connor however is his incredibly powerful spirit. Generous, optimistic and loving, he is the kind of person we all love to be around. I have seen Connor help and encourage the most insecure and inexperienced player, and share a stage with high level jazz musicians. He does both with the same love and joy of music making. Connor has given motivational presentations in several schools and is a natural.” 

Bill Kristjanson, Music Educator

I’ve shared my story at schools such as Shaftsbury High School, Golden Gate Middle School, Ecole Dugald School, Springfield Middle School, Viscount Alexander School, Ecole Regent Park, Cactus Plains Regional Secondary School, Maples Collegiate, Morden Secondary School, Morden Collegiate and Oak Park High School.

I’m currently working as a music educator in the Pembina Trails School Division and accepting bookings for in-school presentations in Winnipeg and surrounding regions. Please contact me at for more information. 

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