Connor would like to thank…

My many music teachers including Bill Kristjanson, Debra Yacheson, Will Bonness, Dave Restivo, Jon Gordon, Nancy Nowosad, Janice Finlay, Craig Bailey, Glory, Ray, DJ & Sherry St. Germain & the University of Manitoba Jazz Studies program.

Walle Larsson for your years of mentoring & for guiding me through the demo process. 

David Sanborn, Dave Koz, Bruce Hornsby & Mitch Dorge for your time, thoughts & inspiration.

Don Benedictson for your ears & expertise & Joey Landreth for tracking me on your Hammond B3.

The incredible healing power of music.

The inspiring Love Your Brain & Zeno Mountain Farm communities.

My close friends & wonderful family for all your love & support.

Cordelia –I couldn’t have done it without you. Your lyrics & voice are absolutely beautiful!

….& Cole. Thanks for being my best friend when I needed a friend the most. 

Cordelia would like to thank…

Mom & Dad for your unconditional support & enthusiasm.

Felicity & Laura-Jane for shining bright & inspiring me to be my truest self. 

Rob & Anders for opening doors & giving me the tools & confidence to walk through them.

The eclectic community of creatives in Vancouver that I have come to know as my family. I appreciate this ever-growing community for being a beacon of strength & a safe haven where I can explore what it means to be an artist & a friend.

Thank you Cole for all that I am & for all that I still have yet to be.


Connor Derraugh: Grand piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond B3, alto & tenor sax

Cordelia Donovan: Vocals

Larry Roy: Guitars 

Julian Bradford: Acoustic & electric bass

Curtis Nowosad: Drums

With special guests:

Jon Gordon: Alto sax on ‘I Wanna Tell You’ & ‘Waiting on You’

Joel Green: Trombone on ‘I Wanna Tell You’ & ‘Waiting on You’

Garrett Malenko: Trumpet on ‘I Wanna Tell You’ & ‘Waiting on You’

Darryl Havers: Synthesizers on ‘See You on the Other Side’

Marco Castillo: Shaker on ‘See You on the Other Side’

Ismaila Alfa: Rap vocals on ‘RMB’

Alan Curtis Ediger: Vocals on ‘Far Too Soon’

Produced, engineered & mixed by Larry Roy at Musirex Productions

Hammond B3 organ on ‘Far Too Soon’ recorded by Joey Landreth at Sandbox

Mastered by Jordan Jackiew at Tailored Recording

Stellar album art by Roberta Landreth of Design by Roberta

Thank you to everyone who contributed their talents & elevated Acceptance. What a thrill & privilege it was to work with you!

A special thanks to Larry Roy for your guidance & wisdom. You truly took our vision to a place that we could have never imagined!

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