Connor & Cordelia

The story of how they came together…….

Connor & Cordelia’s musical partnership was born from tragedy. Their mutual best friend Cole Ediger had passed away in his sleep at 26 years, due to an undiagnosed heart condition and they were devastated.  

When Connor heard the painful news he sat down at the piano and a piece poured out of him, beginning to end, all in one take. It was the first time he’d composed a complete tune in one pass, a song based solely on emotion. The tears streamed and the music came.  

Cordelia meanwhile scrambled to fly in from Vancouver for Cole’s service in Winnipeg. 

As Cole was a musician, friends and family knew that the best way to honour him was with music. Connor opened the service with the piece that he composed for Cole, ‘Far Too Soon’.   

After his tribute, Connor stayed at the piano to accompany Cordelia singing Amy Winehouse’s arrangement of, ‘There Is No Greater Love’. This performance was a special nod to the first time Cole and Cordelia connected over their mutual love for the late British singer. Connor was floored later commenting that, ‘I’d kind of forgotten what an amazing voice Cordelia has.’ 

Connor & Cordelia had only met a handful of times previously and this was the first time they’d performed together. Little did they know where their collaboration would lead.

Connor met Cole in Senior Jazz Band on his first day of high school. Connor was four months off of a life-threatening brain hemorrhage that initially left the right side of his body paralyzed. Entering a new out of district high school while trying to deal with his new disability, Connor felt lost, scared and alone.  Cole, in grade 12, recognized Connor from Jazz Camp, introduced himself and took Connor under his protective wing. Cole became Connor’s best friend when he needed a friend the most.  

Cordelia and Cole meanwhile met at the University of Brandon’s Jazz program. From the moment she saw Cole perform familiar songs with such a unique and captivating style – then leave the stage and fill the room with his laughter and infectious energy – she knew she wanted to learn more about him. Their friendship grew into a relationship that took them to Vancouver where they moved to pursue musical opportunities. They often performed together with projects such as the Hiphopalypse, a Hip-Hop jam they hosted, as well as their Amy Winehouse tribute group. After four years as a couple, the union dissolved but the pair continued to maintain a deep friendship. They created music and told silly jokes with friends they made together, often sharing the sentiment that they felt like two sides of the same coin.

After 2 ½ years on the coast, Cole – his health compromised by type 1 diabetes – moved back to Winnipeg to be closer to his family. Eleven months later he was gone. 

After Cole’s service, Connor & Cordelia met at a restaurant to reflect and share Cole stories.  During their debriefing, Connor mentioned that he’d been looking for someone to write lyrics to his compositions and asked if she would she be interested. Cordelia was all in!  

Connor sent Cordelia an up-tempo composition titled, ‘Waiting on You’ soon after she returned home to Vancouver. The wait was short as Cordelia sent back lyrics five days later. Her words were absolutely perfect and Connor immediately felt a connection. There began Connor & Cordelia’s long distance song writing partnership, pandemic style. Cole had brought them together while inspiring their songwriting. As Connor says, ‘after I wrote Far Too Soon, something unlocked inside of me creatively and the songs just came.’ 

Connor & Cordelia’s project is a story about Friendship, Love, Loss and Acceptance. Eleven original tracks blend the influences of Bruce Hornsby, Billy Joel, and Stevie Wonder with Amy Winehouse, Norah Jones and Adele into an eclectic pop jazz sound all its’ own.  

Produced by Juno nominated musician Larry Roy, Acceptance brings together such diverse talents as New York City veterans Curtis Nowosad and Jon Gordon, CBC Toronto’s Ismaila Alfa and Vancouver’s Darryl Havers, as well as Winnipeg greats Julian Bradford and Larry Roy among others.  

One of the most moving moments on ‘Acceptance’ is the touching ‘Far Too Soon’. At the reception following Cole’s service, Cole’s father, Alan Curtis Ediger – a singer songwriter – said to Connor, ‘I heard words when you were playing your song (for Cole), would you mind if I write lyrics to it?’

Connor was honoured. In time, Alan like Connor, tapped into his soul and the words flowed. Alan captured his grief and channeled it into a gorgeous ballad that honours his son beautifully.  

Acceptance comes from an emotional, heartfelt place. As has often been said, ‘Music is what our feelings sound like’ and Connor & Cordelia can’t wait to share their music with the world. 

Acceptance is dedicated to Cole & Cordelia’s great friend Cole Ediger (1993-2020)

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